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Black Tapioca Pearl for Bubble Tea (2.2 lbs)

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Indulge in the exquisite world of Bubble Tea with our premium Black Tapioca Pearls, meticulously crafted for an unparalleled experience. These delightful pearls, reminiscent of small marbles, boast a distinctive chewiness that rivals the allure of Japanese mochi or the satisfaction of biting into gummy bears. Cooking them is a breeze—just as effortless as preparing pasta, rice, or ramen noodles.

This smaller size bag is perfect for home use.
2.2 lbs size Black Tapioca Pearl
Approximately 20-30 servings

At the heart of every exceptional bubble tea drink lies the foundation of tapioca, and we understand the critical role it plays in shaping your customers' experience. Picture this: a customer eagerly unwraps their bubble tea, and the first scrutiny is directed towards the generous serving of tapioca pearls. We recognize that this initial impression can make or break a customer's perception of your business.

Customers ponder questions like:

"Is it delightfully chewy?"
"Does it strike the perfect balance between chewiness and softness?"
"Does it retain its exquisite chewiness throughout?"
The quest for a perfectly chewy and subtly sweetened tapioca pearl is paramount for ensuring repeat business, a facet often overlooked by many establishments. At Bubble Tea Supply, we take this aspect seriously, as we believe our product should not just meet but exceed your customers' expectations.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to test tapioca from around the globe—Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, and the U.S.A. Yet, time and time again, our discerning palate leads us back to the same premium tapioca that has earned our customers' unwavering approval. How do we make this choice? Simple. Our customers would not let us hear the end of it if we ever switched.

What sets our tapioca apart?

Unmatched chewiness that lasts all day
Effortless preparation, saving you valuable time
Long-lasting color that doesn't turn translucent prematurely
A taste that transcends the ordinary

While we remain committed to finding the best tapioca pearl out there, our current offering has proven time and again to be the gold standard. The proof, as they say, is in the tapioca. Be the judge of an experience that goes beyond expectations.

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